West Meon Pottery & Architectural Ceramics


At West Meon Pottery, we are intrigued by chimney pots and the effect that they have in characterising the rooflines of our villages, towns and cities. We have made chimney pots for The National Trust, The British Museum, Kensington Palace, and for restoration projects in Glasgow and the Shetland Isles. We are also happy to produce a single pot for the humblest of properties.
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Uppark House, National Trust
 The National Trust commissioned 43 new terracotta chimney pots for the restoration of Uppark House. Some bear inscriptions such as 'Margaret Thatcher resigned as I was making this pot'
Fareham type chimney pots
  • chimney pots that sit between the baffles
  • British Museum
Some of the 120 chimney baffles and pots made for the British Museum
chimney baffles
  • Dungannon chimney pot
  • Kirklees Terrace, Glasgow
We made 15 of these 'Garnkirk' pots for Kirklees Terrace, Glasgow. The design was modified for a commission of 36 pots for a new house in Dungannon, N Ireland.
Garnkirk style chimney pot
The Old Rectory, Wimbledon dates from c1500. These 7ft tall chimney pots are copies of C19th additions
  • Kensington Palace chimney pots
  • roulletted chimney pots
These pots with rouletted decoration are common in London. We've made replacements for Kensington Palace, Flemings Hotel Mayfair and other Georgian buildings
Buff pots, Fir Hill Droxford
18 rouletted pots for Milton Lilbourne Manor
Square chimney pots
3 rustic pots for cottage in Slindon
New pots for Munstead Wood, Godalming by Lutyens
2 unusual new pots for house in Somerset
Hexagonal pots, Kensington
Crown pot, Cardiff
6ft tall crown pots, Barnes
Castellated chimney pots
Middle eastern style pots with real gold rims, for Chelsea!
7ft tall pots for Pembroke Lodge
Alternative Fareham type pots
Buff pots, Ilam Hall, Dovedale
Slender chimney pots for New Place by Voysey
Buff pots
Variation on Fareham chimney pot design